NOTE: You must be logged in as an Admin user to search & sort staff mileage records.

You can search and sort staff Mileage records by reference, reason for trip or date using these simple steps.

Step 1

Select Mileage Administration from underneath the Records tab in the main menu.

Then view a member of staffs Petty Cash expenditure.

View Mileage

Search By Reference Number Or Reason For Trip

To search by reference number or reason for trip just enter the text into the small search box at the top of the Mileage Records panel.

Press enter or click the search magnifying glass to the right of the search box.

Once you see the results you can edit items or export them to a spreadsheet.

Mileage Administration

Search By Date

You can search staff Petty Cash expenditure by date using the date selector at the top right and corner of the Petty Cash Records panel.

Pick a date range from the calendars or select one of the pre-defined ranges from the right hand side of the data selector.

Click Apply and the search results will be displayed. You can then edit the items or export them to a spreadsheet.

Search Mileage