Its really easy to set up and change your VAT rate using Capewell Finance & HR.

To make creating invoicing really easy you can set a default VAT rate when creating invoices but don’t worry, if you need to change this rate you can do on an per invoice and product basis. This is to make it possible to create invoices with multiple products at multiple VAT rates.

If the Government decides to change VAT rates in the future you can use this setting to change the rate on your invoices. It won’t effect any invoices you’ve already created.

Step 1

Navigate to the Settings page by clicking on the link at the top right hand corner of the page.

Settings Link

Step 2

Click on the tab marked Default VAT Rate and change the rate. Remember if you need to send an invoice with a different VAT rate you can do this when you create an invoice. This setting is just a default to save you having to select a VAT rate every time you create an invoice.

If you are Not VAT Registered you can remove the VAT columns and boxes from your invoices by selecting the Invoice Settings tab and changing the Default Invoice Type to Non VAT.