You can create a new invoice using Capewell Finance & HR at any time. Just watch the short video above or read the instructions below.

Step 1

From the Invoices & Receipts menu item in the top navigation select Add Sales Invoice.

Add New Invoice

Step 2

Fill in the boxes that apply to you:

Invoice Description
Create a description for the invoice. This is for your use only and will not appear on the invoice.

Customer Reference Note
You can add a purchase invoice number or any other reference that needs to be included on the invoice. This will appear near the bottom of the invoice.

Customer Name
Start typing the name of a customer and they will appear below. If you need to add a new customer just click on the + sign to the right of this form box.

Invoice Type
Choose from a normal invoice, proforma invoice or credit note. When selected various information on the invoice changes below automatically.

Invoice Date
This is the date of the invoice. It auto-fills with the current date but you can change this for another date.

Change the currency of the invoice from GBP to Euro or USD.

Create a VAT or Non-VAT invoice. If you select Non-VAT all the tax information will be removed from the invoice.

Payment Terms
You can change the payment terms when you create an invoice. Payment terms can also be set on a customer level. When you add or edit a new customer you can set their individual payment terms.

Due Date
This box will change depending on the payment terms selected but you can also override it and enter your own date.

Date Paid
You can enter the date an invoice was paid when creating or editing an invoice.

Add any notes you want to the invoice. These are for your records only and do not show on the invoice itself.

Add New Invoice

Step 3

The bottom section of the invoice is where you add the products and services you sell.

Enter the description of the item you are selling.

Add the item cost.

Add the quantity sold.

The system will automatically add the amounts to the invoice.

Once you are happy with the invoice you have created, click Save.

Add New Invoice